Useful Article About ... Ethanol and Zinc

Over the past several years motor oil manufacturers have been slowly eliminating zinc (zinc-diakyl-dithio-phosphate) from motor oil. This has been the primary extreme pressure ingredient in motor oil for over 70 years. Newer cars all have rollers and do not require it. Zinc negatively affects catalytic converters, which is why it is being eliminated. For more information about zinc and motor oil, read the Mustang Monthly article. A PDF version of it may be downloaded by clicking here.


To protect your flat lifters and camshaft in older Mustangs, many experts recommend using a zinc additive when changing your oil. "ZDDPlus" is one additive which can be used to put the zinc back in your motor oil. It is available from National Parts Depot and other parts warehouses.


As many of you may know, ethanol is in virtually all gasoline now sold in Florida. Ethanol and rubber don't like each other. Rubber is found in various places in the fuel system of your older car, such as, gaskets and hoses. Ethanol also absorbs water, which can cause rust in your fuel system. All classic Mustangs did not come with stainless steel fuel lines and are susceptible to rusting internally.

There are a few local places where ethanol free gasoline can be found, most are marinas:

  • Dania Beach - American Offshore Marina, 1451 Old Griffin Road
  • Deerfield Beach - Marina One, 580 N Federal Hwy
  • Delray Beach - Delray Gas, 445 S Federal Hwy
  • Fort Lauderdale - Lauderdale Marina, 1900 SE 15th Street
  • Hollywood - Hollywood Marina, 700 Polk Street
  • Miami - Marathon, 16800 Old Cutler Road
  • Miami - Amerika Gas Station, 6401 SW 8th Street
  • Miami - Matheson Hammock Marina, 9610 Old Cutler Road
  • Pompano Beach - Sands Harbor, North Riverside Drive

Other locations may be found on


There is a new product on the market which claims to counteract the effects of ethanol. It's called "Ethanol Rx" and is manufactured by Sentry Fuel Treatments. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be sold in south Florida. It may be ordered at at $44.95/64 oz. plus $5 shipping (at the time of this article). They recommend 1-2% solution. At 1% one bottle will treat 50 gallons of gasoline, which is about 50 cents/gallon.